Trent ISD Vision & Goals


Vision Statement:

Trent ISD creates a dynamic and passionate learning community that encourages our students to develop lifelong skills, positioning them for the future


Student Goals

Trent ISD strives to create a learning community where students are educated and encouraged in a culture of pride of loyalty.

Trent strives to:

  • Teach lifelong skills.

  • Encourage exploration of extra-curricular offerings.

  • Create an atmosphere where students want to stay and graduate from Trent ISD.

  • Explore partnerships with college level distance learning

Teacher Goals

Trent ISD strives to provide a passionate and dynamic learning atmosphere where teachers are motivated and accountable for the students and their success.

Trent strives to:

  • Provide properly trained teachers.

  • Promote a positive environment and attitude for teachers and students.

  • Encourage student's participation in studies and events.

  • Hold teachers accountable for student success

Financial Goals

Trent ISD strives to manage district resources to provide financial stability.

Trent ISD will strive to:

  • Have money to operate 4 months without loans or CD's

  • Have money budgeted to provide safe transportation.

  • Have money budgeted for scheduled facility repairs or replacements.