the back of somebody wearing a Texas Agricultural Education jacket in a field at sunrise

School starts soon!!

“Here are 5 reasons to enroll them in an agricultural education class and FFA.

1. Cattle are not required, and neither are boots.

2. All students (city, rural, shy, outgoing, athletic and musical) are encouraged to join.

3. There is not a winning or losing record, but they are still a part of a team. FFA has more than 30 competitive contests called Career Development Events. They include environmental and natural resources, horticulture, food science, ag communications, floral design and farm business management. CDEs allow students hands-on opportunities to test the skills they learn in a classroom in real-world events. There are at least a couple of CDEs that will fuel their passion.

4. FFA students learn by doing. Supervised Agricultural Experiences, SAEs, provide hands-on learning that teaches through entrepreneurship, internship or job placement; research or experimentation; and exploring new career opportunities. Your child will learn time management, develop a work ethic, how to set goals, and important life skills.

5. FFA is raising tomorrow’s community leaders. Even if you weren’t in FFA, live in a city, aren’t from a farm and doubt your child will choose a career in agriculture, FFA teaches essential leadership skills that last a lifetime. “

And as a plus, we love our students and cherish watching them learn, grow and become the leaders of tomorrow.